Tales from the West Coast

Smugglers, Sea Monsters, and Other Stories
Heritage House Publishing, 2003
ISBN: 1-55153-986-1

“Toward the tail it appeared serrated, …with something moving flail-like at the extreme end. The movements were like those of a crocodile. Around the head appeared a sort of mane, which drifted around the body like kelp.”

From record-breaking tea clippers to rum runners and sea monsters, life on the west coast has never been dull. Rich in seafaring legend and adventures, these stories will take you on a voyage of discovery into the past and around the world.

Chapters include: A Cargo of Crinoline (bride ships come to BC); A Clipper on the Coast (legendary clipper, Thermopylae); The Wreck of the Janet Cowan; The Voyage of the Tilikum; Malahat: Queen of the Rum Fleet; Caddy: It Came from the Deep (sea monster Cadborosaurus); Serving in the Gumboot Navy; and, A World Both Wide and Narrow (Life of Wylie (Capi) Blanchet).


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