The Green Classroom

101 Practical Ways to Involve Students in Environmental Issues
Pembroke Publishers, 1991
ISBN: 0-921217-60-9

Also published in French: La Class Verte: 101 activités pratiques sure l’environnnement, Les Editions de la Cheneliére, ISBN: 2-89310-072-4)

In one comprehensive package, The Green Classroom gives teachers background information on major environmental issues as well as over 100 integrated activities, ready-to-use in any classroom.

Important issues from waste, to acid rain and energy are introduced with fascinating facts to enliven any lesson. Strategies for involving students include activities in science, language arts, creative thinking, consumer education, art and music, social studies, history and mathematics. Students discover wonderful opportunities to develop skills, explore issues and research ways that they can help make a difference in their classroom, community and the world beyond.

“The Green Classroom is an interesting collection of activities that can be adapted for students at all grade levels…. It is a wonderful source of environmental education activities that invite student involvement. Games, songs, and large and small group activities are included.” - The Green Teacher

“Adrienne Mason has provided teachers — and parents, Scouters, Guiders, camp counselors and others — with an important resource combining background information on environmental problems with excellent activities to involve youngsters in these issues. Teachers from kindergarten to community college will find this book a useful, up-to-date environmental resource. Their students, and the environment, will both benefit by it.” - Canadian Geographic


This title is now out of print. Look for it at a second-hand books shop or in your local library.