West Coast Adventures

Shipwrecks, Lighthouses, and Rescues Along Canada’s West Coast
Heritage House Publishing, 2003
ISBN 1-55153-990-X

“…The ship began to break up almost at once and the women and children were lashed to the rigging above the reach of the sea. It was a pitiful sight to see frail women, wearing only night dresses…trying to shield children in their arms.”

- Crewman of the Valencia

The southwest coast of Vancouver Island is a reef-studded stretch, notorious for dramatic winter storms and thick cloaks of summer fog. Many ships have found themselves well off course, even lost, during sudden storms. This book tells the stories of the sailors, lighthouse keepers, and linemen who have weathered these west coast storms.
Chapters include: The Rescue of the Puritan; Honeymoon on the High Seas (Charles and Frances Barkley); Life on the Lights (William Daykin of Carmanah Light); Coastal Lifeline (David Logan, lineman on the lifesaving trail); Putting Bamfield on the Map (Bamfield Cable Station); The Valencia Tragedy; and Rescue of the Coloma.


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