The Drop of Doom

Kids Can Press, 2007<br />
ISBN: 978-55453-035-9 (hc)<br />
ISBN Kids Can Press, 2007
ISBN: 978-55453-035-9 (hc)
ISBN: 978-1-55453-036-6 (pb)
Illustrated by Pat Cupples

Lu and Clancy are back. In The Drop of Doom, Lu and Clancy uncover a plot to rob patrons of the Drop of Doom – the scariest ride at the carnival. The doggy duo needs to save the day before it’s too late, but Lu’s cousin Jake will do anything to avoid that scary ride…

The Drop of Doom is part of Kids Can Press’s “Kids Can Read!” series. It is a Level 2 reader (Kids Can Read with Help), which is defined as being a longer story with varied sentences, increased vocabulary, more difficult visual clues and some repetition.

“[T]he setting, slapstick humour and magic tricks will make these popular with the intended audience. Pat Cupples’ lively, optimistic illustrations, are a great partner to these texts. Cupples has captured the joie de vivre and enthusiastic nature of these characters.”
- Canadian Materials

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