Carnival Caper

Kids Can Press, 2002<br />
ISBN 1-55337-027-9 (hc)<br />
ISBN 1- Kids Can Press, 2002
ISBN 1-55337-027-9 (hc)
ISBN 1-55074-838-6 (pb)
Illustrated by Pat Cupples

Summer’s here and the carnival’s in town! Lu and Clancy can’t wait to go on their favorite ride, the Drop of Doom. The only problem is that Lu’s annoying cousin, Jake, is tagging along…

While Jake takes part in a magic show, Clancy uncovers more than hocus pocus when he overhears two crooks planning a robbery at the Drop of Doom. Now the dog detectives must launch into action to stop the crime—but first they have to get Jake off their case!

Help Lu and Clancy foil the evil plot—and learn to do simple magic tricks at the same time. You’ll find out how to

* pour water into a hat without getting it wet
* step through an ordinary piece of paper
* slice a banana without peeling it, and more…

Carnival magic saves the day when the thieves come out to play!

This title was also published in German as Lu & Leo Diebe auf dem Rummelplatz, Edition Bucherbar, ISBN 3-401-08435-6.

“The simple text is geared to newly independent readers, and the five magic tricks that are included are sure to capture interest. Children can be encouraged to problem solve and try to figure out how to pour water into a hat without getting it wet, slice a banana before peeling it, and walk through a playing card. Step-by-step instructions with plenty of illustrations explain how to perform these tricks. Great for budding sleuths and magicians alike.” - Canadian Materials

“I get the biggest kick out of the Kids Can Press book featuring two great dogs Lu & Clancy.” - Prime Time

“An easy to read beginning chapter book in picture book format, The Carnival Caper combines story and directions for magic tricks. It is a good read aloud, and the tricks would be great fun to try.” - Resource Links


Our Choice,  2003, Canadian Childrens’ Book Centre


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