Secret Codes

Kids Can Press, 1999<br />
ISBN 1-55074-553-0<br />
Illustrated Kids Can Press, 1999
ISBN 1-55074-553-0
Illustrated by Pat Cupples

Suppose you had to send a secret message to a friend. How would you do it? Dog detectives Lu and Clancy will show you more than 20 fool-proof codes. You’ll discover how to:

* hide your message in a crossword puzzle
* use your telephone as a code machine
* make a code wheel that will baffle spies
* send a musical message, and much more.

Once you’ve tried a code, you can help Lu and Clancy unravel the mystery of Lu’s missing sister.

“This new, very appealing series will find an audience with kids as well as educators and youth leaders. Clearly designed and well illustrated with attractive color pictures, [the book] should be a hit with kids who want to learn about detection and secret codes. Highly recommended.” - Canadian Book Review Annual

“Secret Codes delivers an equal quotient of wit and exuberant illustration.” - The Globe and Mail

“Kids will find loads of fun in both the silly story and the intriguing projects.” - Chicago Parent

“… [the] story is excellent for building vocabulary and observational skills, while appealing to the natural curiosity of this age group.” - School Library Journal

“Lu and Clancy adventures are great fun for all ages.” - Children’s Book Review Service, Inc.

“This book is recommended, especially for classroom teachers who could invite students to figure out the codes. This challenge will delight students who tend to be finished the regular assignments quickly.” - Canadian Materials


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