Sound Off

Kids Can Press, 2002<br />
ISBN 1-55337-058-9 (hc)<br />
ISBN 1- Kids Can Press, 2002
ISBN 1-55337-058-9 (hc)
ISBN 1-55337-059-7 (pb)
Illustrated by Pat Cupples

“I’m going to search for Sophie,” Clancy announced. But he had only taken a few steps out of the cave when they heard the loudest, strangest sound.

“Are there any monsters in these woods?” asked Fanny.

Stuck babysitting Lu’s sister, Sophie, and her friend Fanny, dog detectives Lu and Clancy come up with a plan to tire out the mischievous pups—a hike to Mystic Lake and back! But when Sophie mysteriously disappears, the dog detectives must spring into action…

Help Lu and Clancy as they search for Sophie—and learn about the science of sound at the same time. You’ll find out how to

* use sound vibrations to make a bug buzzer
* figure out how far away a thunderstorm is
* build junk band instruments including a tin drum, a kazoo, a guitar and more…

With Lu and Clancy around, Sophie’s sure to be found – safe and sound!

The book has also been published in German as Lu & Leo Geheimnisvolle Klange, by Edition Bucherbar, ISBN 3-401-08436-4.


Our Choice , 2003 Canadian Childrens’ Book Centre


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