Spy Stuff

Kids Can Press, 2000<br />
ISBN 1-55074-693-6<br />
Illustrated Kids Can Press, 2000
ISBN 1-55074-693-6
Illustrated by Pat Cupples

Could Lu’s favorite aunt be a spy? If not, then why does she have disguises and fake Ids hidden in an old trunk? Lu and Clancy are suspicious and decide to investigate. How will they find out who Aunt Izzy really is? By using the techniques that real spies use. Follow Lu and Clancy on their mission, and discover how to

* make your own spy code ring
* disguise yourself and fool the enemy
* make a spy scope to see around corners
* construct a burglar alarm to catch spies, and much more.

Learns loads of spy stuff and help Lu and Clancy uncover the true identify of the mysterious Aunt Izzy.


“The plot [is] simple but interesting enough to hold readers’ attention. [this book] will satisfy browsers and will especially appeal to fans of Nate the Great, Detective Mole, and other primary-grade sleuths.” - School Library Journal

“…the spy activities promise hours and hours of construction, imaginative planning, and harmless schemes. [Lu & Clancy’s Spy Stuff] promotes innocent fun, open-ended, self-generated amusement that is refreshing in an age when adults tend to control their children’s free time.” - Quill and Quire


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