Living Things

Kids Can Press, 1997<br />
ISBN 1-55074-343-0 (hc)<br />
ISBN 1- Kids Can Press, 1997
ISBN 1-55074-343-0 (hc)
ISBN 1-55074-393-7 (pb)
Photographs by Ray Boudreau

What is a living thing? Living things are made of cells. They need food, air, water and a place to live. And they grow, reproduce and respond to their environment. Living Things encourages children to explore the characteristics and basic needs of living things.

Children age five to nine will learn by doing with these 13 hands-on science activities. They grow plants with tattoos to find out about photosynthesis. They turn kitchen utensils into beaks and discover why birds eat what they do. They also raise insects to study metamorphosis and life cycles, create a mini-habitat out of a pop bottle, start a flower collection, and more. All activities are safe and require only easy-to-find equipment and minimal supervision.

Clear explanations and a special page for parents and teachers provide information to help you answer kids’ challenging questions.

Living Things is a collection of simple but enjoyable science experiments…. The kids depicted seem to be having so much fun that readers will surely want to try these experiments themselves.” - Quill and Quire

“How wonderful to realize that Living Things is not just another haphazardly thrown together elementary science picture book… This book is highly recommended for the primary classroom.” - Crucible (Science Teachers’ Association of Ontario)

“Budding scientists are sure to get a kick out of their first experiences with the forces of nature.” - Boston Herald

“Even children as young as five can learn to look with a scientist’s eyes. Adrienne Mason describes experiments that help children discover the characteristics of all living things.” - City Parent

“…the organization and presentation in these publications is excellent. [An] excellent activity resource, and I recommend it for school or home use.” - Science Books and Films

“This would be a good book for home-schooled students because the experiments can be conducted easily. Simple directions and a short explanation also make is easy for a beginning teacher to use.” - Science and Children


* Parents’ Choice, 1998 – Parents’ Choice Foundation
* 1997 shortlist, Science in Society Book Award, Canadian Science Writers’ Association


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