Raise Them, Watch Them, See Them Change
Kids Can Press, 1998<br />
ISBN 1-55074-448-8 (hc)<br />
ISBN 1- Kids Can Press, 1998
ISBN 1-55074-448-8 (hc)
ISBN 1-55074-506-9 (pb)
Illustrated by Angela Vaculik

This slim book is filled with information about mealworms as well as ideas for activities for the home or classroom. Many teachers use mealworms to teach children about insect metamorphosis. The larva (mealworms) metamorphose quickly and the adults (darkling beetles) don’t fly, so they make ideal temporary pets. Children can easily see the larva, pupa and adult stages of this insect. Easy to use and follow!

Did you know?

* The mealworm is the larval stage of the darkling beetle.
* The four stages of a mealworm’s life cycle occur over six to eight weeks.
* Mealworms don’t fly so they won’t escape as you raise them.
* You can buy mealworms for a few cents at pet stores.

“This delightful little book should stimulate any youngster to develop an interest in scientific exploration.” - Science Books and Film

“This new book will be invaluable to classrooms as they continue their work with mealworms. It provides just the right amount of information for young scientists. That information is accurate and useful for young readers. Well-organized, timely, useful…this book will be a welcome addition to library shelves and an easy introduction to the inquisitive child who wants to learn more about insects and metamorphosis.” - Brandon Sun

“Primary-age readers will enjoy the straightforward text, and readers and nonreaders alike will be delighted by the large, clearly-labeled drawings. The hands-on experiments and accompanying guided observations will help make young scientists independent learners and skilled observers.” - Library Talk

“There’s something kind of humorous (maybe even icky) about growing mealworms—but this lively book is very good at following the four stages of a mealworm. A great project book for insect and bug study.” - Teacher-Librarian magazine


Our Choice List 1998 – Canadian Children’s Book Centre
Parents’ Choice 1998 – Parents’ Choice Foundation


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