Motions, Magnets and More

Cover image of Motion, Magnets and More by Adrienne Mason. Cover image of Motion, Magnets and More by Adrienne Mason.

Developed in cooperation with a science education consultant, this series is loaded with surprising facts and hands-on activities designed to hold young children's interest. Topics match the primary physical science curriculum and includes: materials, matter, mass, magnets; structures, systems, shapes; solids, liquids, gases; motion, forces, friction, gravity. 

A special 7-page section for parents and teachers provides more activity ideas and information to help answer young learners' challenging questions. 

"Mason has crafted what could easily be adopted by primary classrooms as their sole physical-science textbook. Dávila’s charming digital illustrations depict rosy, round-faced multiethnic children in a variety of settings exploring the world around them. Bright colors and the amusing asides of anthropomorphic animals are sure to keep readers’ interest. Gathering in one place the physical-science concepts typically presented to primary children, this is ideal for the youngest scientists and explorers, a worthy addition to school and library collections." - Kirkus Review (Read the full review here.)