Looking at Beaches and Coral Reefs, Tides and Currents, Sea Mammals and Fish, Seaweeds and Other Ocean Wonders
Kids Can Press, 1995<br />
ISBN 1-55074-147-0<br />
Illustrated Kids Can Press, 1995
ISBN 1-55074-147-0
Illustrated by Elizabeth Gatt;
Photographs by David Denning

Oceans cover almost three-quarters of Earth. Dive into Oceans and explore this vast and rich storehouse of living things. You don’t need to be near the ocean to learn about it. Oceans is a comprehensive kids’ guide with straightforward information, detailed drawings and full-color photographs that bring the ocean to you.

Learn about: tides, currents and waves, ocean habitats, ocean plants and animals, the ocean’s unique conditions and how sea life adapts to them. Safe and simple experiments and activities give children hands-on experience with ocean creatures and basic oceanography.

“Here’s a stellar, beautifully designed addition to a child’s nature library. Visually and informatively it is a treat. It is right no for its target of 8-to12-year-old readers, those inquisitive early scientists and crusaders for ecology.” - Quill and Quire (starred review)

“OCEANS is an excellent book, filled with facts, photos and illustrations that make you want to keep turning pages. Every page is packed with just the right amount of detail so the reader learns something new without feeling overwhelmed. The writing is crisp and lively and easily holds the attention of readers and listeners young and old.” - Book Beat

“This book employs a pithy text, provocative questions, a bold layout, and colorful illustrations to inform young readers about all aspects of oceans. A big pedagogical plus throughout the book is the wide range of simple but effective exercised teachers can use to illustrate important points and to emphasize safety and environmental problems. Highly recommended.” - Canadian Children’s Literature


* Red Cedar Book Awards 1998, shortlist (Young Reader’s Choice Award)
* Silver Birch Award 1997, shortlist (Ontario Library Association)
* Our Choice selection, 1996 – Canadian Children’s Book Centre
* Science in Society Book Award 1995, shortlist, Canadian Science Writers’ Association


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