Planet Ark: Preserving Earth's Biodiversity

ISBN 978-1-55453-753-2 $19.95 ISBN 978-1-55453-753-2

Earth is like an ark -- a haven for a huge variety of plants and animals -- and we are the Noahs who can protect it. 

Planet Earth is home to millions of species, possibly as many as 20 million. Each species, from the lowliest earthworm to the majestic blue whale and the towering spruce tree, is unique and important. A rich biodiversity benefits plants and animals and humans, too. We depend on the natural world for inspiration, recreation, resources, air and water purification and many other thigns that we may not even be aware of. 

Planet Ark sets out clearly what biodiversity is and the dangers that face it, from habitat destruction to overharvesting to climate change. And it shows how we can become Noahs and help protect and sustain Planet Ark. After all, we humans are the stewards of this planet we call home. 

"...a thorough and informative addition to the Citizen Kids line. ... Thompson complements Mason's emphatic text with textured acrylic portraits of animals and ecosystems that resemble textured tapestries." - starred review, Publishers Weekly

" accessible, informative introduction to the importance of biodiversity and the need to protect it. [Mason] explains in clear, engaging prose such concepts as species, habitats, ecosystems, food chains, ...." - Kirkus Review

In 2014, Planet Ark was short-listed for the Green Earth Book Award from The Nature Generation and was listed by Booklist as one of the "top 10 books on sustainability for youth." 



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