The World of Marine Mammals

Orca Book Publishers, 1990<br />
ISBN 1-55143-046-0 Orca Book Publishers, 1990
ISBN 1-55143-046-0

In The World of Marine Mammals you will find out how these amazing animals adapt to life under water, how they find food and how they play and fight. You will also meet some of the scientists who have dedicated their lives to the study of marine mammals and their watery world. And along the way, you’ll find out:

* how to make your own “fossil”
* which mammal is the deep-sea diving champ
* how to make sound “bounce:
* what walruses do with those tusks
* why sea otter mothers wrap their babies up in kelp
* and many other facts about the lives of these unique and fascinating creatures.

“…a throrough, well-written book for children. Marine biologist Adrienne Mason writes in an engaging and entertaining style that will appeal to young readers. Mason covers everything from evolution to adaptations for the marine environment, and she augments her narrative with activities, diagrams and comparisons with humans. Another excellent feature of the book is the series of sidebars inviting readers to “meet a marine biologist.” The World of Marine Mammals is an excellent introduction to the group of fascinating animals….” - Royal British Columbia Museum, Discovery Magazine

“Marine biologist Adrienne Mason writes with a deft hand, describing marine mammals from majestic whales to fetchingly cute sea otters. Their anatomy, their special adaptations, and their habits and behaviour are described with scientific accuracy and a lively style that captures the reader’s interest. The best part is the easy, authoritative style of writing. It’s well organized, easy to follow, and interestingly presented.” - Resource Links

“This very informative book, which will appeal to budding scientists, is recommended for school and public libraries serving children aged 8 to 12.” - Canadian Materials


* Our Choice designation in 2000, Canadian Children’s Book Centre (starred selection)
* Short-list BC ’s Red Cedar Book Awards

This book is out of print. Look for it in a library or second-hand book shop.