Move It!

Motion, forces and you
Kids Can Press, 2005 ISBN 1-55337-758-3(hc) 1-55337-759-1(pb) Kids Can Press, 2005
ISBN 1-55337-758-3 (hc)
ISBN 1-55337-759-1 (pb)
Illustrated by Claudia Dávila

Move It! takes the physics of why and how things move and transforms it into an enjoyable and easy-to-understand first science book.

Move It! is part of the Primary Physical Sciences series. These books include easy-to-read text, hands-on activities, energetic illustrations and a special section for parents and teachers with more activity ideas and information. This series was created with the cooperation of a Primary Science consultant and fits science curricula in the largest states and provinces.

“The drawings are colorful and age appropriate for young children. The vocabulary is also suitable for children and has scientific validity. The text is suitable for reading by children in primary grades or for reading to them.” - Science Books and Films

“…a welcome contribution to the resources available for teaching young children.” - Canadian Materials

“This excellent series is a must-have for elementary schools.” - Canadian Children’s Book News


Best of 2005 (Non-fiction; Pre-school to Grade 6), Resource Links

This title is also available in French as Les forces c’est quoi? (Editions Scholastic)


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