Kids Can Press, 2003

ISBN 1-55337-524-6 (hc)

ISBN 1-55337-525- Kids Can Press, 2003 ISBN 1-55337-524-6 (hc) ISBN 1-55337-525-4 (pb) Illustrated by Nancy Gray Ogle

This title is available in French as Les Chauves-souris (Les Editions Scholastic)

It’s a calm summer night when suddenly, the air is filled with flying shadows. Bats! As they hunt for food, the bats make squeaking noises that bounce off objects and echo back to them. This tells them whether the object ahead is something to avoid, like a tree, or whether it’s a tasty dinner treat!

How bats use their senses is just one of the thirteen topics in this clearly written look at the two main kinds of bats – megabats and microbats. You’ll find out where bats live, what they eat, how they move and much more.

Did you know?

* bats are not blind
* bats are the only mammals that have wings and can fly
* the tiny bumblebee bat weighs less than a penny
* mother bats usually give birth while hanging upside down

Easy-to-read text and accurate, detailed illustrations meet the research needs of young children and satisfy their curiosity about these unusual mammals.

“A book that I am happy to have for my child’s home library and that I recommend for libraries serving children in lower elementary school grades.” - Science Books & Films

“Bats is a straightforward look at critters with a high cringe quotient. The clear text and equally clear illustrations describe the various types of bats, explain how they live and may demystify them for the frightened.” - Associated Press

“Wonderfully detailed realistic illustrations by Nancy Gray Ogle complement this informative reference book. The table of contents reveals 13 separate bat topics from where bats live to what bats eat. And a handy index for quick reference and a glossary make this fascinating read a great addition to your research library.” - New Brunswick Reader

“[In] her clear, simple style, Adrienne Mason offers interesting and accurate facts for beginning researchers. Focusing on North American bat species, each section presents brief information in an easy-to-read print format, with generous illustrations and labels. Most sections include a Bat Fact box with a neat bit of trivia. There’s enough data here to satisfy a youngster with early reading skills or to intrigue an older reader who can use the book as a starting point for further investigation of the topic.” - Canadian Materials

“…an excellent read for a young reader doing research on this mammal.” - Resource Links


Science in Society Book Award, 2004, shortlist


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