Kids Can Press, 2005<br />
ISBN 1-55337-627-7 (hc)<br />
ISBN 1- Kids Can Press, 2005
ISBN 1-55337-627-7 (hc)
ISBN 1-55337-628-5 (pb)
Illustrated by Nancy Gray Ogle

This title is also available in French as Les serpents (Editions Scholastic)

The snake waits patiently, without moving. But when the moment is right, it strikes with lightning speed. If the prey is small, it is eaten alive. Larger animals must first be made helpless, often by poisonous venom. The snake can’t chew — it swallows food whole. Its loosely jointed jaw can open very wide…

How snakes hunt and eat is just one of fourteen topics in this clearly written study of snakes around the world. You’ll find out where they live, how they use their senses, how they move and much more.

Did you know?

* no wild snakes live in New Zealand, Ireland, Newfoundland or on many other islands
* a few snake species can glide through the air
* the venom of baby snakes can be stronger than that of their parents
* a snake’s tongue helps it tell if food, enemies or other snakes are nearby.

East-to-read text and accurate, detailed illustrations meet the research needs of young children and satisfy their curiosity about these fascinating and often misunderstood reptiles.

“…the text is calm and factual… The author avoids the pitfalls that plague so many other books about snakes. For instance, instead of calling them cold-blooded, she describes how they regulate their temperatures behaviorally. She is clear that constricting snakes don’t crush their prey but rather suffocate them in their coils. Instead of using the common error of referring to ‘poisonous’ snakes, she correctly uses the term ‘venomous’…” - Teacher Resources, National Science Teacher’s Associations

“…an informative book with illustrations sure to keep the attention of most children.” - Science Books and Films

“… an excellent resource for a very young reader working on a project.” - Quill and Quire


2005 “Recommended” List – National Science Teachers’ Association


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