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  • Stories of Long Beach

     Today, Long Beach can seem like pristine wilderness, but this place has been home to a cast of characters: miners and rum runners, draft dodgers and ...
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  • Time for an Update

    What is it about spring? For me, this is clearly the time where I get my butt in gear to start tackling my very long To Do List (which includes updating web sites and blogs, of which I have too many). I last posted almost exactly a year ago, which, as any marketer will tell you, is very pathetic and not a great way to build clientele....
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  • Events This Week

    This week is the Pacific Rim Whale Festival and I'll be participating in a several book-related events. Today, Sunday, March 18, I will be reading from several of my books at Wild Heather Books in Ucluelet. Wednesday, March 21 at 12:30 will be the a mini-launch of my book...
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  • Sneak Cover Peek: Long Beach Wild

     I'm excited to be able to show you a copy of my forthcoming book: Long Beach Wild. ...
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  • Time for a Change

    Photo of Adrienne Mason by Patrice Hansen.

    It's been about 10 years since I had a new author photo. Since I have a couple of upcoming books and the need for new promo materials, I thought it was time for a change....
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